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Welcome to our web site. We are a caring and compassionate medical practice with two convenient locations in Yonkers and the Bronx that prides itself on timely and efficient expert OBGYN care.

All of our doctors are board-certified, meaning that we have taken rigorous exams and have been recognized as experts in our field. We also have over 100 years of medical experience in OBGYN, making us one of the most experienced groups in the country.

For over 45 years the Westchester-Bronx OBGYN Group has been at the forefront of medical care, introducing the latest technologies into its offices to streamline patient care and reduce visits to the hospital or other facilities.

We were one of the first private OBGYN practices in the Bronx to be accredited by the Joint Commission, for Office-Based Surgery, as well as the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. This dedication to quality allows us to continue to provide the very best and innovative care in the convenience of our facilities, and ultimately is a time-saver for our patients.

Our Practice Manager, Office Managers and all of our staff have decades of experience in the administration of patient care. We are there to assist you during every step through our facility and to help you get the comprehensive, timely and compassionate care you deserve. Please call or stop by our offices for more information.



Our Locations

The Women’s Health Resource
1990 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10710
(914) 793-5588

The Women’s Health Resource facility in Yonkers, New York.

Hutch Metro Center — Westchester Bronx OBGYN group
1250 Waters Place, Suite 1206, Bronx, NY 10461
(718) 409-5454

The Hutch Metro Center, home to Westchester-Bronx OBGYN Group in Bronx, New York.


Both Locations are handicap accessible
handicap accessible



Services Offered

The full range of our OBGYN care includes:

  • Office procedures
  • Pregnancy care
  • Contraceptive counseling
  • Fibroid management
  • Laparoscopic and open major surgery
  • Infertility evaluations
  • Routine annual examinations
  • and more
  • Most insurances accepted.



    Westchester Bronx OBGYN Group Staff


    Daniel R. Miller, M.D., FACOG
    Denis T. Sconzo, M.D., FACOG
    Shawna Hughes, M.D., FACOG
    Quratulain Zeeshan, M.D.
    Samantha Dhoman, PA-C
    Princes Okunola, FNP-BC
    Paige Hempe, FNP-BC



    Accredited by The Joint Commission for Office-Based Surgery
    The Joint Commission. National Quality Approval Seal
    Accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine for obstetrical and gynecologic ultrasound
    American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine


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